About The John Risica Team

Our experience with the WeLoveLofts.com web site showed us that buyers and sellers typically want to research and understand a niche market in the privacy of their own home prior to engaging a realtor.  After hearing, "I want to buy a loft or a house on the East Side of Providence" enough times, we knew what our second niche focused site should be.

LoveTheEastSide.com will focus on the niche markets of The East Side of Providence and The Oak Hill Neighborhood of Pawtucket.  These areas are geographically defined by The Seekonk River to the east and North Main Street and Pawtucket Ave to the west.  Although some might say that this definitions stretches the traditional boundaries of The East Side, we understand that not everyone can afford to live on Blackstone or Angell or Hope. 

Traditional realtor's websites are more concerned with selling their own listings than helping buyers understand the niche markets in which thy want to live, and helping them find a house that is just right for their needs. LoveTheEastSide.com will provide open access to almost every East Side listing and the ability to research this market at your own pace.  We never force you to sign up or provide us with any of your personal information.  When you are ready to talk, we provide you with a variety of options to contact us and start the process.

For Sellers, we will provide the abilty for their listing to be highlighted as a "Featured Listing", scrolling on the right hand side of the open page of your sight.  in addition, you advertising will include:

  • Posting of your property on our proprietary LoveTheEastSide.com website
  • Posting of your listing on Craigslist 2 times a week
  • Advertising in one of our local affiliate publications (East Side Monthly, Motif Magazine, GET Magazine)
  • Posting using State Wide Multiple Listing Service and its sister site, RILiving.com, for the life of the listing
  • Creation of a virtual tour and posting on our YouTube Channel, and adding links on all web advertising
  • Advertising on the LoveTheEastSide.com Facebook page
  • Advertising on custom postcards sent to over 1000 East Side only addresses using          QUANTUMdigital.com
  • Mentioned in our Weekly Update article using ContstantContact.com
  • Presented to the public through both private showings and open houses (where appropriate)

 LoveTheEastSide.com has been created to allow individuals the luxury of seeing everything that is on the market in one place, regardless of the listing brokerage.  In addition, our site allows you to sort by newest listing, highest price first or lowest price first.  These options become very important when you have been back to the site a couple of times and really want to focus on a particular segment of the market.

When you are ready to buy or sell, please just click on one of the easy to use contact links or send us an email at Info@LoveTheEastSide.com.  We promise to focus on selling you a property that you love coming home to!!